Hello from a restless optimist

Hello! Tere! Sawubona! Hola! I’m going to skip the small talk and let you know some important things about me.

I like being an optimist. I like travelling and feeling uncomfortable (that’s often how we learn most about ourselves). I like doubting things, too; questioning the world around us so that we can make what can be better, better. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity and freedom to travel to many places in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. I am just about to complete an International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change, which has taken me to 3 countries (UK, Malta and Estonia) … Some might say I have ‘itchy feet’. I certainly have a restless mind.

As you follow my posts you will find me ramble and rant about inspiring and infuriating things I observe. I hope to offer you an insight into the fascinating, multi-faceted, sometimes frustrating world we have, and to celebrate all the amazing things that are being done by people all over the world to make positive change happen. I don’t promise to be great at blog writing but I do promise to shine a spotlight on interesting and challenging aspects of life as I live it. I also promise to be genuine, to be passionate, and to not make spelling mistakes.



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